Snapdragon tree
This plant is a tropical shrub and can grow 5 to 6m in height.  The branches droop.   The raceme forms at the tip of most branches and bright yellow flowers bloom sequentially from green or reddish brown bracts.   The flower is tubular, can be 5 to 6cm in length and faces downwards.  The corolla splits into 4 at its end.
The drooping florescence is compared with the yoraku hence the Japanese name, Kibana-yoraku.   Yoraku is an accessory for a man or woman in high society in India and is a string of pearls or precious metals.   It also refers to the ornaments or the canopy for Buddhist statues.   Yoraku is a translation of the Sanskrit, mukta-ha-ra (meaning pearl necklace) and keyu-ra (meaning bracelet).
Classification Verbenaceae Gmelina
Scientific name Gmelina philippensis Cham. (syn. Gmelina hystrix)
Japanese name Kibana-yoraku
English name Snapdragon tree
Native locality Philippine
Ecological description Evergreen climbing shrub
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Planting place Sun Gallery
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kibana-yoraku03 kibana-yoraku04