Angelwing Jasmine

Angelwing Jasmine is a climbing shrub which grows quickly and becomes up to about six meters in length.   The stem becomes woody as aged.

The leaves are arranged in pairs, opposite each other, and are glossy green, which enhances its white flowers.   The flower is between four and five centimeters in diameter and releases a nice scent.   The bud is light reddish-purple at the beginning but turns pure white to bloom.  The calyx remains the color after flowering.

Classification Oleaceae Jasminum
Scientific name Jasminum nitidum
Japanese name Oshiro-sokei
English name Angelwing Jasmine
Native locality the Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea
Ecological description Shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
oshiro-sokei01 oshiro-sokei02
oshiro-sokei03 oshiro-sokei04
oshiro-sokei05 oshiro-sokei06