Cape Plumbago
The color of ruri is purplish blue, and matsuri (matsurika) means a species of jasmine endemic to India.  So the Japanese name Rurimatsuri refers to blue jasmine, but jasmine is a generic name of the plants belonging to Oleaceae Jasminum. (Currently, Matsurika is the Japanese name for a species of jasmine, Jasminum sambac.)
This plant can grow 2 to 4 m in height.  It is almost ever-flowering.  The flower is azure and funnel-shaped.  It has glandular hairs on its sepals around the floral tube that secrete mucus.
This plant contains plumbagin (5-Hydroxy-2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone) as a chemical defence substance.  It is a yellow needle crystal, is rather highly toxic (LD50 (rat, oral) 65 mg/kg) and also shows corrosivity.
Classification Plumbaginaceae Plumbago
Scientific name Plumbago capensis
Japanese name Rurimatsuri
English name Cape Plumbago
Native locality South Africa
Ecological description Evergreen small low tree
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
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