Sida fallax
This plant is a shrub which can grow 1 m in height, and small flowers bloom 3 cm in diameter and are evocative of Hibiscus.
In Hawaii, it is called Ilima and is the state flower of Oahu.  The symbolic color of the island is its brilliant yellow.  The petal of Ilima is very thin but strong, and is often used in making leis.  Even the single lei needs 500 to 700 of its petals.  Many years ago, it was called Royal lei and it was traditionally a present among higher classes.
The Hawaiian legend said that the Goddess Hina picked Ilima to make a golden flower lei and drape it to express her delight when was rescued from the monster Kuna Loa.
Classification Malvaceae Sida
Scientific name Sida fallax
Japanese name ---
English name ---
Native locality Hawaii and Pacific Ocean
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
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