Crape Jasmine
This plant is a cultivar from single-flowered Crape Jasmine (Ervatamin coronaria) endemic to India.  It can grow 2 to 3 m in height.  A white double flower resembling Common Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides) blooms at the tip of the stem and the axil which releases a pleasant scent from the evening to dawn.
Single-flowered Crape Jasmine contains indole alkaloids, for example ervatamine, which has the same effect as tetrodotoxine; this plant needs careful handling.
Classification Apocynaceae Tabernaemontana
Scientific name Ervatamin coronaria 'Flore Pleno'
Japanese name Yae-san'yuka
English name Crape Jasmine
Native locality ---
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
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yae-sanyuka03 yae-sanyuka04
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