Parrot impatiens

The stem stands upright and is purplish-brown.  It looks woody but is soft and succulent.   It grows up to 60 to 90cm in height.   The leaf is ovate-oblong, about 10cm in length and is spirally arranged to spread over flowers like an umbrella.

The flower has a color combination of brilliant red and yellow.   It is up to about 3.5cm in length with a long, curved nectar spur.   The flower can look like a bird and has another name, Congo cockatoo, owing to the color combination.

The fruit is capsular and mature fruit easily explodes from its bottom to flick seeds off when it is touched.   Capturing these characteristics , the genus name comes from Greek word, "impatiens".

Classification: Balsaminaceae Impatiens
Scientific name: Impatiens niamniamensis Gilg
Japanese name: ---
English Name: Parrot impatiens, Congo cockatoo
Native locality: East part of Africa
Ecological description: Herbaceous perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: West Flowers and Ornamental Plants Greenhouse
impatiens-niamniamensis01 impatiens-niamniamensis02
impatiens-niamniamensis03 impatiens-niamniamensis04