Moss Phlox
  Moss Phlox covers the ground, such as turf, where many flowers resembling cherry blossom bloom.   This aspect gave the Japanese name, Shibazakura, to this plant.   It is often planted in yards or parks for the purpose of a groundcover.   In Japan, there are dozens of sights where many small pink flowers of Moss Phlox bloom to cover the ground.
  The leaf is small, sharp and hard.  Therefore, it is prickling when handled.   The stem creeps to expand very widely and sometimes the diameter of the stock reaches 50 cm.
  The flower has a long floral tube and five petals which bloom flatly.   It is two centimeters in diameter.  Each petal is bifid shallowly.   The sepals are lanceolate*, have a sharp end and are fused to wrap the floral tube.   Since the flower of Moss Phlox blooms above the leaf, it forms admirable flower carpet in its clustery fields.
  The flower color is very varied, white, pink and light purple in ranged tints.   Some of the species have white margin or stripes.  This plant is also called Hanatsume-kusa.

* Shaped like a lance-head, several times longer than wide, broadest above the base and narrowed to the apex; ex. the leaf of a bamboo.
Classification: Polemoniaceae Phlox
Scientific name: Phlox subulataL.
Japanese name: Shibazakura
English Name: Moss Phlox
Native locality: North America
Ecological description: Perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: American Plant Garden
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