Grantham's Camellia
Grantham's Camellia is a rare species which was first descoverd on Mt. Tai Mo Shan (Kawloon Peninsula, Hong Kong) in 1955.   It registered in the Red List of IUCN*.
This plant produces large flowers from October to December; earlier than other camellias.   The flower has seven to ten petals, more than 500 stamens and it opens flatly to be 10 to 17cm in diameter.   The calyx and/or bracts are grayish-brown and remain after the fructification.
Grantham's Camellia is often used as a parent of a hybridization** due to the large flower.

International Union for Conservation of Nature
** The process of producing a plant or animal from two different types of plant or animal
Classification: Theaceae Camellia
Scientific name: Camellia granthamiana Sealy
Japanese name: ---
English Name: Grantham's Camellia
Native locality: Hong Kong
Ecological description: Evergreen shrub
Planting place: Chinese Plant Garden
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