Kobuku-zakur blooms twice a year, in Spring and from Autumn to Winter.   The flower is 1.5 to 3.5cm in diameter and double-flowered varying in white and pink.   The center of the flower becomes reddish right before falling.
The leaves alternate.   The leaf is a little small and is narrow and long ovate* or oval.   The underside of the leaf is lighter in color.   The leaf is double serrate like a lobation (deeply-notched).
The Japanese name, Koboku-zakura, means "a cherry which has many healthy babies" this comes from the fact that it has 7 or 8 pistils in a calyx tube.   One flower produces one to three berries while a double-flower is normally difficult to fructify.

* egg-shaped, wide at base
Classification: Rosaceae Prunus
Scientific name: Prunus x kobuku-zakura Ohwi
Japanese name: Kobuku-zakura
English Name: ---
Native locality: Main Island
Ecological description: Deciduous tall tree
RDB : ---
Planting place: Cherry Corridor, Yayuu-Garden
kobuku-zakura01 kobuku-zakura02
kobuku-zakura03 kobuku-zakura04