Obedient Plant
This plant came to Japan in Taisho Era, 1912 to 1926.   From Summer to Autumn, its tender pink flowers bloom here and there throughout Japan.
Japanese weather fits this plant very well.   The Obedient Plant is very hardy and produces flowers every year without any care or maintenance.   It sometimes deviates to go wild.  It expands the rhizome* in all direction to propagate.   However, the terrestrial stem is upright and usually unbranches.   The stem is strongly square-shaped and has a node.   This plant produces tubular flowers densely from 10 to 30cm of the tip of the stem.   The flower blooms sequentially upwards in line toward four directions.
When the flower cluster is long and many flowers line along the stem, it resembles tiger's tails to be called something-torano'o (meaning something-tiger's tail) in Japanese.   The stem of this plant is squared so it is called Kaku-torano'o (meaning squarish tiger's tail).   The flower is beautiful so it is also called Hana-torano'o (meaning flower tiger's tail).
In English, it is called False Dragonhead as the flower cluster resembles a Dragonhead.   It is also called Obedient Plant, as the flower blooms along the squared stem to regularly bloom in line toward four directions.
This plant has many varieties which are varied in color from white or light pink to dark pink and blue-tinged purple.   Its height and flowering season is also varied.

*  Subterranean stem is divided with its shape into rhizome which expands sideward, tuber or corm which is lump-like or spherical and bulb which has scaly leaves.
** Oka-torano'o (Lysimachia clethroides; Primulaceae), Numa-torano'o (Lysimachia fortune; Primulaceae), Yama-torano'o (Pseudolysimachion rotundum; Scrophulariaceae), Ruri-torano'o (Pseudolysimachion subsessile; Scrophulariaceae), Ibuki-torano'o (Bistorta officinalis; Polygonaceae), Mizu-torano'o (Pogostemon yatabeanus; Lamiaceae), Torano'o (Snake Plant) (Sansevieria trifasciata; Agavaceae), Umi-torano'o (Sargassum thunbergii; Sargassaceae)
Classification: Lamiaceae Physostegia
Scientific name: Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth.
Japanese name: Kaku-torano'o
English Name: Obedient Plant
Native locality: The Northeast America
Ecological description: Rhizomatous perennial herb
RDB : ---
Planting place: Perennial Garden
kaku-toranoo01 kaku-toranoo02